20:47 | January 10, 2016


Cancun , Mexico

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Dress: Chicy (here)
Bracelet: Yvette Hass (here)

Photographer: Suzana Skopljak  – Location: El Dorado Royale hotel

Hi! I will let the title speak for the pictures this time. I hope you like them. My favorites all time.
Do you have any favorite? Let me know!  Love, S 

33 Responses to “POWER. LOVE. STRENGTH”

  1. Gillian on

    Love ur positivity + the motivation and inspiration you send out. It makes me want to work hard to achieve my goals:) by the way, since I started following you like a year ago, when my brother showed me your instagram and said to me that my style should be more like yours, I bought a lot of new items and got a lot of compliments. You are simply just a good role model thanks and love from holland ?

  2. Sophie on

    Hej, du är så fruktansvärt vacker Sendi, helt sanslöst! Har en fråga, vart gjorde du dina bröst och gjorde det ont? Vilken klinik, vilken strl, hur mycket kostade det osv, så galet fina!

  3. Anna on

    Hi Sendi, first of all I wanted to let you know that you seem like a really amazing person. I love your pictures, your blog and your Instagram feed. I think it’s fascinating how you combine being really sportive and having a great and classy sense of style. Every time I look at your food schedules or posts about training I swear to myself that I’ll start working out and eating clean but unfortunately I’m reeeeeally weak when it comes to discipline haha, there never seems to be time for working out because I have so much school stuff to do and I work in a bar in the evenings… How did you manage to become so disciplined?!
    Oh and btw red really suits you 😀
    Pozdrav iz Njemacke :*


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