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The warm welcome in my room <3 

We visited the famous Ermitage that is actually one of the worlds largest museums. This is a must if you visit this city. The beauty inside (& outside) is incredable!

Then it was time for the Guess gala and I went for a more elegant look. Do you like it?

GUESS girls <3

The second day we went for some Ice skating and this was fun! Here with my girls Steph and Natascha <3

Later it was finally time for the Fashion show which was WOW. Such a spectacular show and so many beautiful items coming. After the show it was time for dinner. Look how beautiful they arranged it? Like everything else during this trip!

After some food it was time for some party!

Hello beauties! I’m home from Russia and right now I’m doing my emails, cleaning and yeah, doing 100 things at the same time per usual hehe 🙂 The stay in Russia was amazing but very intense as you see on the pictures. In two days we had a “General session” by Paul Marciano and a few other guests, sightseeing, a gala, ice skating, fashion show and a party. I was there with Natascha and Stephanie that I already know but I also met other influencers from different countries as well as many Russian models. Always as fun with new people! This was a very fun and well-planned event organized by GUESS so thank you so much guys for inviting me! Love, S

Hej finisar! Jag Ă€r hemma frĂ„n Ryssland och tar igen lite med mejlen, stĂ€dar och gör helt enkelt 100 saker samtidigt hehe 🙂 Vistelsen i Ryssland var grym men vĂ€ldigt intensiv som ni ser. PĂ„ tvĂ„ dagar hann vi med en “General session” Av Paul Marciano och nĂ„gra andra gĂ€ster, sightseeing, en gala, skridskor, Fashion show och fest. Jag var dĂ€r med bland annat Natascha och Stephanie som jag kĂ€nner sen innan men trĂ€ffade Ă€ven andra influencers frĂ„n olika lĂ€nder samt mĂ„nga ryska modeller och influencers. Alltid lika kul med nytt folk! Ett vĂ€ldigt roligt och vĂ€l planerat event anordnat av GUESS sĂ„ ett stort tack till er för denna resa! Love, S

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Detta inlĂ€gg Ă€r i samarbete med Maui Jim & innehĂ„ller reklamlĂ€nkar/adlinks – 

New sunglasses from Maui Jim (here)

Knitwear: Chiquelle (here)
Pants: Nelly (here)
Shoes: FILA (here)
Jacket: Weekday (here)

Please can we talk about the weather here in Malmö? Yesterday  we had sunshine and 17 degrees and suddenly we went from winter to summer, that my friends, is Sweden 😉 However, it was so nice, even though I was sweating a little bit in the outfit above hehe. As you can see, I went for a sporty look and chose to match it with my new leopard sunglasses from Maui Jim. If you know me, you know that I love the leopard print and specially on glasses. So, me and Alen decided to take a walk in the city so I just put on my sunglasses and off we went. The city center was full of people and you could really feel how everyone was happy and satisfied. Imagine if every day could be like this?

SnĂ€lla kan vi prata om vĂ€dret hĂ€r i Malmö? IgĂ„r hade vi hela 17 grader sol och plötsligt gick vi frĂ„n vinter till sommar, det dĂ€r hörrni, det dĂ€r Ă€r Sverige 😉 Det var sĂ„ himla skönt trots att jag svettades lite i outfiten ovan hehe. Som ni ser valde jag att köra pĂ„ en sportig look och matcha den med mina nya solglasögon frĂ„n Maui Jim. Om ni kĂ€nner mig sĂ„ vet ni att jag Ă€lskar leopard mönster, speciellt pĂ„ solglasögon. Hur som helst, jag och Alen bestĂ€mde oss för att ta en runda i stan sĂ„ det vara bara att sĂ€tta pĂ„ sig solglasögonen och Ă„ka in. VĂ€l i stan möttes vi av massvis med mĂ€nniskor och man kĂ€nde verkligen hur glada och nöjda alla var. TĂ€nk om varje dag kunde vara sĂ„hĂ€r? Love, S 


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Always the best welcome <3 Such a pretty room though! 

Lunch-time and I loved this meal! Both me and N chose the suggestion of the day and we got this pasta with wild  mushrooms lingere and some beef, so so tasty! Also we had to add fries, like always 😉

Then we got the opportunity to check out the suites in the hotel and this one caught my eye, The Riviera suite. I got so inspired by the furniture and just loved the color combination on the sofa. 

Then we went out for a walk. Wearing a cap from Lack of color, Coat from Tularosa, Shirt from Vergiegirl, pants from Nelly, Sunglasses from Prada, bag from Gucci and boots from Louis Vuitton. 

Coffe-time in the sun

can we talk about bathroom goals? 

no words needed 

It was a short visit at home in Malmö before it was time to fly to Cannes. Paris didn’t have good weather at all, so I didn’t hesitate to go to Cannes, even if it would be for three days. Me and Natalie that came along, stayed at one of my favorite hotels, namely Hotel Barriere Le Majestic. The view from each room is absolutely magical and you certainly haven’t missed that 🙂 Once in Cannes, we did nothing special, but only enjoyed the better weather, spent time at our hotel, ate lunch/dinner and even went to the gym. Besides this we walked around in the area, took some photos and just chilled. Sometimes it’s enough to go away for only 2-3 days and come back with new energy and motivation. Now it’s a bit comical that it comes from me who travels but also from other peoples perspective, I know that it’s true. Hope you are all well and I hope you are going hard with March Challenge! Today will be my 9th session, can’t wait! Love, S

Det blev ett kort besök hemma i Malmö innan det var dags att ta flyget till Cannes. Paris hade inte alls bra vĂ€der sĂ„ jag tvekade inte pĂ„ Ă„ka till Cannes, Ă€ven om det enbart var för tre dagar. Jag och Natalie som följde med, bodde pĂ„ ett av mina favorit hotell, nĂ€mligen Hotel Barriere Le Majestic. Utsikten frĂ„n varje rum Ă€r helt magisk och ni har sĂ€kert inte missat det 🙂 VĂ€l i Cannes gjorde vi inget speciellt utan bara njöt av bĂ€ttre vĂ€der, spenderade tid pĂ„ vĂ„rt hotell, Ă„t lunch/middagar och hann Ă€ven med ett pass pĂ„ gymmet. Förutom detta promenerade vi runt i omrĂ„det, fotade lite och bara tog det lugnt. Ibland rĂ€cker det verkligen att Ă„ka bort i enbart 2-3 dagar och komma tillbaka med ny energi och motivation. Nu Ă€r det lite komiskt att det kommer frĂ„n mig som reser en del men utifrĂ„n andras perspektiv sĂ„ vet jag att ocksĂ„ att det stĂ€mmer bra. Hoppas ni alla har det bra och jag hoppas ni kör hĂ„rt med March Challenge! idag blir det mitt 9:de pass, can’t wait! Love, S 


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25 % discount on NELLY



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1. Top (here) 2. Set (here) 3. Shoes (here) 4. Jeans (here)

5. Blazer (here) 6. Pants (here) 7. Cap (here) 8. Coat (here)

9. Set: Top (here) Bottom (here) 10. Top (here) Bottom (here) 11. Top (here) Bottom (here) 12. Top (here) Bottom (here)


HEY 😀 Sunday is here and I just finished a though workout on the gym. It’s so much more fun to do the workout in the morning than in the afternoon that I usually do. You get a lot more done dunring the day and you don’t have to worry about planning the workout. So, my goal from now is to try to workout in the morning. What time do you go to the gym?

Anyway, today I’m doing a collaboration with Nelly and I’m sharing my favorite items at the moment and also giving you the opportunity to get 25% discout! The code is valid today and tomorrow and you can use it either by entering the Sendi25 or entering the link HERE. The items in red are items that I already have and like. Hugs! Love, S

 HEJ 😀 Söndag Ă€r hĂ€r och jag har precis avslutat ett grymt pass pĂ„ gymmet. Det Ă€r sĂ„ himla mycket skönare att köra pĂ„ morgonen Ă€n pĂ„ eftermiddagen som jag vanligtvis gör. Man fĂ„r mycket mer gjort och slipper stressen över att planera in det. SĂ„, mitt mĂ„l den kommande tiden Ă€r att försöka trĂ€na pĂ„ förmiddagen. Men ni dĂ„, vilken tid trĂ€nar ni?

Hur som helst, idag kör jag ett samarbete med Nelly dĂ€r jag delar med mig av favoritplagg samt ger er möjligheten till 25% rabatt! Koden gĂ€ller idag och imorgon och ni kan anvĂ€nda den genom att antingen skriva in koden Sendi25 eller gĂ„ in via lĂ€nken HÄR. De produkter i rött Ă€r produkter som jag redan har och gillar. Kram pĂ„ er! Love, S 

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Blazer: Missguided (here) – Knitwear: Gina tricot (sold out)
Pants: Chiquelle (here) – Cap: Lack of color (here)
Sunglasses: Rayban (here) Bag: Gucci (here)
Shoes: Nelly (here)

Cap: Lack of color (here) – Jacket: Tularosa (here)
Top: LPA (here) – Jeans: Levis (here)
Shoes: Nelly (here)

Sunglasses: Tom Ford (here) – Jacket: Weekday (here)
Sweater: LPA (here, ON SALE!) – Pants: Chiquelle (here)

Jacket: Weekday (here) – Sweatshirt: Missguided (here)
Pants: Nelly (here) – Shoes: Nelly (here)
Sunglasses: Na-kd (sold out)

Cap: Junkyard (here) – Cardigan: Missguided (here)
Body: Tigermist (here) – Pants: Tularosa (sold out)

Jacket: (here) – Knitwear: Gina tricot (sold out)
Pants: Nelly (here) – Shoes: Nelly (sold out)
Sunglasses: Rayban (here)


Hey lovies, how are you? I just wanted to say hi and share my Paris looks with you 🙂
Let me know which one is your favorite, mine is number 2. Love, S

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Hair appointment

@Martina Durica


 – This post is in collaboration with Hairtalk extensions – 

Hairtalk extensions – I used a mix of these three. 

Before / After

Hello lovies, I hope you are wonderful <3 I was just out with Rambo and experienced the sickest cold for a long time, minus 8 degrees + wind. So right now I’m sitting here and warming myself with a cup of coffee and writing down todays TO DO list, which includes this post 🙂

Just as the pictures reveal, it was time for a new visit at Junkstyle in Gothenburg. I took the train late on Sunday night and started my Monday with a cozy breakfast together with Martina and Rebecca at JOS, before it was time for me and Martina to go to the salon. I often get questions related to my hair and what Martina does with it so I thought I would explain a little closer!

You guys who have followed me here on the blog for a while know that I love Hairtalk extensions (used them back & forth for a few years now), since it’s a nice way to get fuller and/or longer hair and the quality is wonderful. In addition, it’s also easier to change the color or if you simply want the hair to be easier to handle, for example, it keeps your curls last longer. So, after a couple of months without extensions, I felt that it was time again! So, as always Martina begins by making a pair of bright loops (due to growth) in my hair and finishes it by putting in a shade throughout the hair. All products that Martina uses to color my hair are from Schwartzkopf. The shade/nuance she uses removes the yellow/orange tones, gives the hair a nice shine and makes the color last. Then in the end she wash the hair and finally put in Hairtalk extensions 🙂 Sooo, that’s that! I’m really satisfied with the result since I have missed having looong hair for a while now. What do you think about the outcome Let me know! Love, S

Hej hjĂ€rtan, hoppas ni mĂ„r underbart <3 Jag var precis ute med Rambo och upplevde den sjukaste kylan pĂ„ lĂ€nge, minus 8 grader + vind. SĂ„ just nu sitter jag hĂ€r och vĂ€rmer mig med mitt kaffe och skriver ner dagens TO DO- lista, som bland annat inkluderar detta inlĂ€gg 🙂 

Precis som bilderna avslöjar var det dags för ett nytt besök pÄ Junkstyle i Göteborg. Jag tog tÄget sent pÄ Söndagen och började mÄndagen med en mysig frukost tillsammans Martina och Rebecca pÄ JOS i avenyn. innan det var dags för mig och Martina att Äka ivÀg till salongen. Jag fÄr ofta frÄgor relaterade till mitt hÄr och hur Martina gÄr tillvÀga för att fixa det sÄ here we go! 

Ni som har följt mig hĂ€r pĂ„ bloggen ett tag vet att jag Ă€lskar Hairtalk extensions (anvĂ€nt dem till & frĂ„n i nĂ„gra Ă„r nu) dĂ„ det Ă€r ett skonsamt sĂ€tt att fĂ„ fylligare och/eller lĂ€ngre hĂ„r och kvalitĂ©n Ă€r underbar. Dessutom blir det enklare att förĂ€ndra fĂ€rgen eller om man helt enkelt vill att hĂ„ret ska vara lĂ€ttare att styla, exempelvis att lockarna ska hĂ„lla lĂ€ngre. SĂ„, efter ett par mĂ„nader utan extensions kĂ€nde jag att det var dags igen! Som alltid börjar hon med att göra ett par ljusa slingor (pĂ„ grund av utvĂ€xt) och avslutar med att lĂ€gga in en nyansering i hela hĂ„ret.  Samtliga produkter som Martina fĂ€rgar mitt hĂ„r med Ă€r Schwartzkopf. Nyanseringen tar bort det gula/orangea tonerna, ger hĂ„ret en fin glans och fĂ„r fĂ€rgen att hĂ„lla bĂ€ttre. DĂ€refter tvĂ€ttar vi hĂ„ret och slutligen lĂ€gger in Hairtalk extensions 🙂 SĂ„, det var allt hörrni! Jag Ă€r sĂ„ himla nöjd med resultatet och och jag mĂ„ste erkĂ€nna att det kĂ€nns underbart att ha lĂ„Ă„Ă„ngt hĂ„r igen. Vad tycker ni om resultatet? Love, S 



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Isn’t this the dreamiest bathroom ever? Mandrake hotel is the answer // Me and my girl!

Fun fact: I hate to shoot infront of people so I get insecure when everybody is looking haha (can you tell?) // We went for coffe time at this new place called Saint Aymes 🙂 

Finally got to wear my new shoes! After a lot of searching I got my hands on one pair <3 // Never too many selfies right ;P?

Lunch-time // Strolling around with these two, Steph & Sonja <3 

10:36 | February 21, 2018



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Coat: Missguided (here)
Knitwear: Chiquelle (sold out, similar here)
Pants: Chiquelle (here)
Shoes: Superga (here)
Sunglasses: Rayban (here)
Bag: Alexander Wang (here)

Beautiful beautiful London, I’m happy to be back! Here to spend the upcoming days together with Steph, whom I met for the first time in Marrakech when we did a collaboration together for Steve Madden. Such a nice and earthy girl and it should be added that this is another big plus with this profession, to get the opportunity to get to know so beautiful people. Anyway, a typical London picture we both wanted to take was the one with the colorful apartments in the background. I’m laughing when I thinking back to these pictures since it literally started to rain right after we manage to take our pictures haha, so the blue sky became a gray sky, but that’s what London is like? 😉 But hey, I must admit that my love for London is only growing … Hear! Love, S

Fina fina London, Ă€ntligen Ă€r jag tillbaka! HĂ€r för att spendera kommande dagar tillsammans med Steph, som jag trĂ€ffade första gĂ„ngen i Marrakech nĂ€r vi gjorde ett samarbete tillsammans med Steve Madden. SĂ„ himla fin och jordnĂ€ra tjej och det bör tillĂ€ggas att detta Ă€r Ă€nnu ett stort plus med detta yrket, att fĂ„ möjligheten att lĂ€ra kĂ€nna fina mĂ€nniskor. Hur som helst, en typiskt London-bild vi bĂ„da ville passa pĂ„ att fota var en med dessa fina lĂ€genheter i bakgrunden. Jag skrattar nĂ€r jag tĂ€nker tillbaka pĂ„ nĂ€r dessa bilder togs haha, 5 minuter efter att vi bĂ„da tagit vĂ„ra bilder började det SPÖ-regna och en blĂ„ himmel blev en grĂ„ himmel, men det Ă€r ju London va? 😉 Men men, mĂ„ste Ă€ndĂ„ erkĂ€nna att min kĂ€rlek för London bara vĂ€xer… Hörs! Love, S

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 Dress: Chicy
Shoes: Superga (here)
Sunglasses: Tom Ford (here)
Bag: Gucci (here)

Hello lovies! I hope you are all good and that you have had a great Christmas 🙂 Me and K went to Dubai and had a really intensive schedule, which resulted in no posts here on the blog since all the focus was on creating as much material as possible. We came home one day before Christmas Eve, stressed about buying the last Christmas presents and celebrating Christmas with family and friends at Casa Blanca in Trelleborg, so cozy <3 Back to Dubai, wow. As I have said before, it’s a city that you either like or dislike and I just love Dubai! This was the third time there and I still like it, if not more! As you can see, we went and visited the “Dubai Miracle Garden” which is an extremely large garden filled with flowers. Everything is made of flowers, completely magical and it smelled amazing. We walked around, took some photos and ate lunch. Recommended if you have not visited it! Hugs to you, Love s

Hej finisar! Hoppas ni mĂ„r helt underbart och att ni haft en fantastisk jul 🙂 Jag och K Ă„kte ju till Dubai och hade ett sjukt intensivt schema vilket resulterade i att bloggandet fick pausas dĂ„ all fokus var pĂ„ att skapa sĂ„ mycket material som möjligt. Vi kom hem en dag innan julafton, stressade med att köpa de sista julklapparna och firade julen tillsammans med familj och vĂ€nner pĂ„ Casa Blanca i trelleborg, sĂ„ himla mysigt <3 Tillbaks till Dubai, wow alltsĂ„. Som jag sagt innan sĂ„ Ă€r det verkligen en stad som man antingen gillar eller ogillar och jag Ă€lskar Dubai! Detta var tredje gĂ„ngen dĂ€r och tycker fortfarande om det lika mycket, om inte mer! Som ni ser Ă„kte vi och besökte “Dubai Miracle Garden” som Ă€r en oerhört stor trĂ€dgĂ„rd fylld av blommor. Allt Ă€r gjort av blommor, helt magiskt och luktade för övrigt himmelskt. Vi promenerade, fotade och Ă„t lunch. Rekommenderas om du inte besökt det! Kram sĂ„ lĂ€nge, Love S 

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Well, finallyyyyy it’s live, my vlog from Marrakech! Please check it out and let me know what you think, constructive feedback is always appreciated! I really think it’s so fun to work with videos and I just want to get better. I hope, of course, you also think it’s fun to follow me like this! Hugs to you is! Love, S

SÄÄja, Àntligen Àr den live, min vlog frÄn Marrakech! Titta gÀrna och kom med feedback, konstruktiv feedback uppskattas alltid! Jag tycker verkligen att det Àr sÄ kul med rörligt material och jag vill bara blir bÀttre. Jag hoppas sjÀlvklart ocksÄ ni ocksÄ tycker att det Àr kul att följa mig sÄhÀr! Kram pÄ er sÄ lÀnge! Love, S