20:50 | December 9, 2013

IMSO Sporty by Sendi Skopljak



My collection IMSO Sporty by Sendi Skopljak is finally avalible online. The collection is based on the three requirements that I have when I buy workout clothes. First of all the visual part is very important since its the first thing that captures the buyers interest.  Then each  and every item should be made off high quality material. Last but not least, the price should be relevant to clothes that you get.

The collection IMSO Sporty by Sendi Skopljak can provide you free shipping worldwide. Today we got a special offer, if you buy anyting you will get a water bottle for free. You can find the collection here: IMSO

20:08 | August 11, 2013



Hat: Forever21, Sweater & jacket: Chiquelle, Jeans: Dr denim, Shoes: Dr Martens, Sunglasses, Madlady, Watch: Ur&Penn

9:24 | August 4, 2013

Vodice, Croatia


Top: Lookbookstore, Shorts: Ginatricot, Purse: Chiquelle, Shoes: Steve Madden

Right now I’m in Vodice in Croatia with my family. We are planing to stay here until monday and then spend a day in Zadar and after that we are coming home to Sweden. It’s my first time in Vodice and to be honest it’s really beautiful but Makarska is still my favourite place to go. Now its beach time, xoxo