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13:41 | April 14, 2014

Yesterdays back workout at the gym


Igår på gymmet kände jag för att träna ryggen med tanke på att det var ett tag sedan. Jag påbörjade passet med 20 minuter på crosstrainern (nivå 20-30, 190 kalorier) därefter körde jag 5 ryggövningar, 10 minuter powerwalking (nivå 8,5) och avslutade med att öva lite balans och sedan stretcha. Nedan har ni de fem ryggövningar jag körde. Sedan så vill jag dessutom tacka er som deltog på tävlingen! Ni har skrivit fina inlägg med mycket tips och ni har gett mig en hel del inspiration. Tyvärr så kan jag bara välja en vinnare, och det svider faktiskt eftersom att ni alla är så fina och om jag hade kunnat hade ni alla fått var sitt pris. Men jag har valt en vinnare och det är Sofia Emilsson, grattis! Eftersom att det var så många har jag redan kontaktat Fitnessguru för att starta en ny tävlings direkt, och denna gången kommer ni bara behöva skriva er email. Mer inför får ni inom några dagar, håll utkik 😉 Tack igen, ni är bäst!!

// Yesterday at the gym I felt i wanted to train my back since it it was a while ago. I started the workout with 20 minutes on the crosstrainer (level 20-30, 190 calories) then I did 5 back exercises, 10 minutes power walking (level 8.5) and finished with practicing some balance and then stretch. Below you have the five back exercises I did. I would also like to thank those of you who participated in the contest! You have written beautiful posts with a lot of tips, and you’ve given me a lot of inspiration. Unfortunately, I can only choose one winner, and it hurts actually because you are all so lovely and if I could I would have given all of you a price. But I can’t so the winner is Sofia Emilsson, congratulations! Because there were so many that participated, I have already contacted Fitnessguru to start a new contest directly, and this time, you just have to write your email. I will tell you more info so stay turned 😉 Thanks again, you guys are the best!

Dual pulley row (HERE) : 9,5 – 10 reps 3 set
Dual pulley pulldown (HERE) : 9,5 – 10 reps 3 set
Pulldown (HERE) : 15 – 20 reps 3 set
Sittande rodd (HERE) : 13,5 – 20 reps 3 set
Don’t know the name (HERE) : 15 kg weight in my hands  – 12 reps 3 set

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4 kommentarer om “Yesterdays back workout at the gym”

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  • Hey Beauty, I seriously appreciate the time you invest in writing such personal posts since I am working on myself the way you did. I love how you look and present yourself. But I do have one question, which you hopefully will answer: how did you train your inner thights??? I know I have to loose weight in general to get thinner, also in this special area, but as I saw your healthy(!) gap I wonder how you did this, because I do not like my legs at all. I thought it is hereditary, but I am doing so much cardio and leg work outs (for more than 3 months), but there are no big chances with my (especially inner) thights. Love from Vienna!

  • Please answer…..

  • The last one is called lumbars 🙂

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