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15:45 | June 11, 2015




Good morning from L.A! The time is only 6:37 in morning and I can’t sleep so I’m sitting here working. The journey was hard and the time-difference didn’t make it better though but we are finally here! Feels wonderful. If you have any tipson anything, feel free to share it with me. Talk to you later. Love, S

God morgon från L.A! Klockan är bara 06.37 här och jag kan inte sova så jag passar på att jobba lite. Resan var väldigt jobbig och tidskillnaden gjorde det inte bättre men äntligen är vi framme! Känns underbart. Ni får jättegärna ge mig alla tips ni har, allt från aktiviteter, shopping till restauranger. Talk to you later. Love, S 


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4 kommentarer om “TOUCHDOWN L.A”

    Hei, i have send you an Email yesterday. I Hope [email protected] was the right Adresse! I’m in LA as a Student for 4 Weeks and i love all the good and healthy Restaurants here. For example the urth caffe!! You have to go to Beverly hills and the Rodeo Drive and to the Beach!! But at the Moment it’s very cold at the Beach:( have a good Time and enjoy your vacation 🙂


    This first photo is amazing!! Have a good time in LA:)<3


    Åh vad härligt att vara i Los Angeles! Hoppas du har det bra 🙂


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