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10:33 | February 28, 2018


Okeeey guys, I feel that it’s time to do some concrete goals! I have to admit that K have inspired me with his new training goals (X number of workouts before summer). When I see him getting closer to his goal, I can only get more motivated and inspired to reach my own. I’m also a person who likes both big and small goals so it can only get better! The goal I have set for this month is 20 workout sessions in total. If I reach the goal and do even more session then it’s only better 🙂 Now I’m going to plan the dates of my workouts weather I will be travelling or not,  being able to woekout at the gym or not. The sessions are going to be done by the end of this month! If there’s anybody out there who wants to jump on this challenge with me, let me know because it would be so much more fun to do this together, inspire each other on both instagram and snapchat! Love, S

Okej, nu är det dags att göra några konkreta mål känner jag! Jag måste erkänna att K inspirerat mig med sina träningsmål som han satt inför sommaren (X antal träningspass innan någon specifik månad). När jag ser honom bocka av varje nytt, gjort pass samtidigt som han kommer närmare sitt mål kan jag inget annat än att bli motiverad och inspirerad. Jag är dessutom en person som gillar både mål och delmål så detta kan ju bara bli bättre! Målet jag sätter för Mars månad är så enkelt som 20 pass sammanlagt. Jag kommer inte att gå djupare in i vad som ska göras utan sätter målet på 20 gjorda pass. Lyckas jag göra mer än så är det bara bra 🙂 Ska sätta mig och planera in mina pass nu oavsett om jag är på resande fot eller inte, har tillgång till ett gym eller inte! Dem ska GÖRAS. Om det är någon av er där ute som är på att köra detta så blir det ju såklart myyyycket roligare så let me know om ni vill köra detta med mig så kan vi peppa varandra på bland annat instagram & snapchat! Love, S 

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  • Sendi,

    I’ve also made that goal, not just because the look of my body but because of my health.
    Let’s reach it!
    Kisses from Novi Sad, hope to see you again soon!
    Ps you look amazingggg ????

  • Yeeey I’m happy to hear that!! Let’s do this!!! 😀

  • Hey Sendi, you aree soooo beautiful, I want to ask you if you will do any home workouts when you won’t be able to go to the gym? And if you will, could you maybe share them with us? Thank you♥️ ?


  • Hi dear Zala,

    thank you soooo much :** Yess I will definitely and I’m going to shoot it the next time and share it here with you <3

    Love, S

  • This sounds great! Im looking further for next updates. <3
    Sandra /

  • I was recently thinking about starting to work out and set some goals and now that I’ve seen this post it only motivated me even more to do it. Thank you!!

  • Oh I’m happy to hear that this post made you even more motivated!! No worries girl 🙂

  • Hey Sandi,

    I just started eating healthy today, yesterday me and my boyfriend did the meal prep for the next 3 days. We both gained a lot of weight and since my boyfriend has a lot of experience when it comes to fitness, we will do this change together. I follow your blog and Instagram since a looong time and you are still such a big inspiration for me <3 I've just printed out 2 of your food schedules and read most of your fitness-related articles and now I am feeling more motivated than ever. I hope you'll stay motivated as well and keeping us updated here and on Instagram.

    You can be so proud of yourself 🙂

    XX from Germany

  • No worries girl

  • positions