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06:12 | May 20, 2019


Hi angels! I am back home from a great trip in Greece together with my mom. The trip was well needed I must say, especially with her company and now I simply wanted to share it more deeply with you. I hope you like it and let me know if you have any further questions!

Crete – Chania was our destination, a destination neither me or my mum had visited before. We flew with AEGEAN and it was also the very first time for us flying with that company. Both me and mum was very satisfied and everything went smooth. When we arrived in Chania, we had arranged a rent a car from Autoclub Rentals and this went greatas well, both picking up the car and then leaving it. Before the trip I got a lot of recommendation about renting a car so we thought that this would be the best idea and now afterwards I must say that it was a great idea! After a day of travelling, we checked in to the newly opened hotel Aloe Boutique & Suites. This hotel became one of the best parts of our trip. Why? Simply because the hotel is so so beautiful, the staff was very kind and helpful and they simply have everything to offer such as SPA, gym and even live music during some nights. The hotel is located in Almyrida which is 30min by car to Chania old town.

The Lobby The way to our room – we got the room to the left and even had an extra pool as you can see! The restaurant where we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.And this is the view from the Restaurant. Not bad right? 

The first day we arrived late on the afternoon so we chose to just relax. The second day it was time to explore and the activity for the day was visiting the White Mountains together with Uncharted Escapes. So this was a Jeep safari tour along with other people (we were 8 people in one jeep) and the tour took about 8h. The tour included a coffee stop on the way, lunch with traditional Cretan food and last but not least, a couple of great panoramic views from the White Mountains.

The traditional Cretan food of course included greek salad and I looooooooove greek salad so this made me very happy!Went for a black look and it turned out very good (*matching our car*)One of many amazing views from above. 

Later on it was time for dinner and we decided to head to the old town in Chania. We chose a place called Salis, on the Harbour.  We went for a greek salad to share and for the main course we chose chicken and vegetables. The place was good, had a great view and the food was tasty.

Restaurant Salis 

Time flew, like always when you are on vacation and day 3 was time for another activity. As it was the first time in Crete, both me and my mom were interested in the culture and wanted to know more about their traditions so this day we visited the Melissakis Olive Mill. We got a tour combined with olive and olive oil tasting and got to know more about the olive, as Crete is known for it’s olive oil. I couldn’t leave this place without buying some olive oil, olive hand cream and honey. Now when I am back home and have been cooking with the olive oil I can tell that this is with no doubt the best olive oil I have ever tried. So sad I didn’t bought more. However,  If you visit Crete this is a MUST.

Arrived at the Olive oil mill – The three you see on the picture is over 3000 years old, how cool? Best olive oil I have tried!!!!!!

After a visit here, it was time to head to The Olive Farm. At the Olive farm we got a tour around the farm and had the opportinity to see where everything grows such as olives, vegetables and many different herbs with local flavors. Then it was time to cook the food together and later on experience a farm-to-table dining combined with wine tasting and some great company. This was a beautiful activity and I literally felt like an Crete for a couple of hours. To be out there in the nature was very peaceful.

Did I manage to look like a farm girl? Not really haha.. Their outdoor kitchenEnjoyed an amazing dinner!I am wearing: Top (here), skirt (here), shoes (here) & hat (here)

After the Olive oil mill and the Olive farm it was time to explore on our own so we decided to go back to the hotel and stay in the area for the rest of the night. We had dinner at a place called Elia & Thyme and the food was delicious. The restaurant is right next to the hotel.

The next day, was our final day. We stayed at the hotel a couple of hours, walked around in Almyrida and enjoyed both breakfast and lunch.

Then I changed and we headed to the old town in Chania. We didn’t do anything special besides of strolling around and enjoying many orange juices 🙂

Dress: Boohoo (here), shoes: Hermes (here), Sunglasses: Junkyard (here)obsessed with flowers, as you know <3 

And it’s a wrap! Two activities we had in mind was visiting Balos, Elafonissi beach and Seitan Limania but unfortunately, the time was a bit tight and it takes around 2 hours so we skipped this part. But if you are going, you have to! I got it recommended by everything so if I am going back to Crete, those things are the first ones in mind. I hope you enjoyed this! Lat but not least, a big thank to Discover Greece for helping me organizing this trip. Love, S




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15:38 | December 27, 2018


The rooms at Vault are really pretty and gives you a “home” feeling which I think it’s nice! Venti Trattoria serves smaller dishes, which makes it a bit more fun and exiting! One dish you have to try is “The roll”. The hotel has the perfect location, right in the middle of everything!

Sunday evening was spent at this nice, newly opened hotel in Helsingborg. Me and a girl friend decided to be meet & since she lives in Halmstad & i in Malmö it was optimal to meet in Helsingborg. There was also a Balkan concert that evening, which resulted in Helsingborg being a the perfect place to meet! We took the opportunity to check in at Vault, which the hotel is called and booked table at their Italian restaurant Venti Trattoria. The food at the restaurant was really really good and I loved that there were smaller dishes so we ordered a lot of food and tried what they had to offer. Both satisfied, we went to the room where we just took it easy before it was time to go to the concert. This was a very successful day and evening and I hope you had it at least as good as us! Love, S

Söndags kväll spenderades på detta fina, nyöppnade hotell i Helsingborg. Jag och en tjejkompis bestämde oss för att ses & då hon bor i Halmstad & jag i Malmö blev det optimalt att bo i Helsingborg. Det var även Balkan konsert samma kväll vilket resulterade i att Helsingborg blev ett givet val för vår träff! Vi passade på att checka in på Vault, som hotellet heter och bokade bord på deras italienska restaurang Venti Trattoria. Maten på restaurangen var riktigt riktigt god och jag älskade att det var mindre rätter så vi beställde in en massa mat och provade på vad dem hade att erbjuda. Mätta och belåtna begav vi oss till rummet där vi bara tog det lugnt innan det var dags att åka till konserten. Väldigt lyckad dag och kväll och jag hoppas ni hade det minst lika bra! Love, S 

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08:40 | December 21, 2018


Sweater: Chiquelle (here) – Pants: Loavies (here) – Shoes: Balenciaga (here)Top: Chicy (here) – Skirt: Old one – Tights: Calzedonia (here Coat: Duice London (here) – Sweater: Chiquelle (here) – Pants: Loavies (here) – Shoes: Balenciaga (here)Sweater dress: Chicy (here) – Tights: Calzedonia (here) – Shoes: Dr Martens (here)Jacket: Zara (here) – Top: Saboskirt (here) – Pants: Loavies (here) – Sunglasses: Rayban (hereSweater: Chicy (here) – Dress: Storets (here) – Tights: Calzedonia (here) – Shoes: Dr Martens (here)

Zagreb was AMAZING! Me and my friend Ines went there on a press trip to explore the Christmas in Zagreb and did you know that they have won 3 prices in a row for having the best Christmas markets? thats pretty cool! However, we were there together with @Croatiafulloflife and a couple of other Influencers/photgrafers from different places around the world.

Like most of the time when going on these kinds of trips, you have a full schedule so we tried to explore as much as we could during 3 days. Besides of the Christmas markets, we also went to Plitvice Lakes which was amazing but it would have been more interesting if everything was covered by snow. Then we also went to Salajland, a Christmas park with more than 2.5 million lights and own by the family Salaj. This was awesome, if you havent been there, go!

So if you ask me, I had a great trip and I will definitely come back to Zagreb 🙂 Fun fact: Just before the trip I asked my mother if we ever visited Zagreb when I was younger and she told me that we actually lived there for 6 months when I was a baby haha! Has anyone of you been there? Love, S

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16:02 | December 9, 2018


Dress: & Other stories (here) One of the days in Dubai, we decided to visit the Shangri-La hotel. We started with lunch by the pool-area, followed by a couple massage (in the same room) that we both needed. We enjoyed it a lot but one thing was sure and that was the fact that we will never choose a “couple massage” again. You know that moment when you’re supposed to be all relaxed and quiet, but as soon as we looked at each other, you want to laugh so hard haha, yess that was us! However, after the massage we went to the pool that you see above. The view was AMAZING and we ended this day by watching the sunset (the first picture). Fun fact: The view from this hotel is so crazy that minutes before the sunset, this place was filled with photographers that wanted to capture it. One activity that I was very excited for was going back to the desert. Me and Kristian had done a similar experience before and we really liked it so we wanted to go back here. The difference from the first time we did it, was that this time, we went with Platinum Heritage, that is also the most awarded one in Dubai. We chose to go there during sunset and along with this we got to experience a lot of different parts. We learn about Dubai as it was 50 years ago (very interesting), drove around in a vintage 1950’s Land Rover and watched a falcon show. We also went to a Bedouin camp where we enjoyed some great meals and had the opportunity to do some cultural activities. In all of this we had the opportunity to get to know other people from around world, which always is something fun. Both me and Kristian was very happy with the experience and if you’re visiting Dubai, doing safari is a must.Dress: Storets (here) – Bag: Dior – Shoes: Hermes (here) – Sunglasses: Chimi eyewear (here)Another thing you can’t miss when in Dubai is the water aquarium, either at the Dubai mall or at the Atlantis hotel. This picture is taken at the Atlantis hotel and we decided to go there for lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant “Bread street kitchen”which was very tasty and afterwards we checked out The Lost Chambers. I think it’s so fascinating to watch all the fishes and being so close to them, definitely an experience. There are also other activities to do when visiting the Palm such as going to any of the beaches.Dress: Lovers & friend (here) – Bag: Dior (My mums old one) – Earrings: Lily & Rose (here)

Dubai Marina is also one place I would like recommend, especially during sunset/night-time. It’s really nice to take a walk on the beach or just enjoy some of the restaurants. Like always, Dubai treated us very good even though we were only there for four full days and not 10 (like you may think because of all the pictures haha). Thank you Dubai for this time and we will be back for sure! If you guys have any questions regarding Dubai, please feel free to ask and I would love to answer them.  Love, S


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15:15 | November 27, 2018

Until we meet again <3

I never knew how it felt to loose someone close to you, until the 27th of July 2018. Waking up in Croatia and getting the news that my little baby got poisoned and that my mum had taken him to the hospital was terrifying. My little baby, who was 7 years and never had any issues with the health, had to undergo a surgery. The chances for him to make it was minimal, like the chances for me to take the first flight home to be able to see him one last time. He didn’t make it and my heart broke. In thousand of pieces. A pain that I can’t describe. Today it’s four months since he left and it still feels unreal and I’m wondering if it’s ever going to feel real. No one, who hasn’t had a dog, will understand. He was my little baby, my happiness, my joy and when everything in my life went wrong, he was always here. Life is unfair and one thing that I have learnt from this is that you never should take anything in this world for granted. Anything or anyone. Take care of your close ones, tell them everyday how much they mean to you, and don’t underestimate the time because you never know what can happen the next minute. Now I’m going to take a walk, the walk that we always did together and fill my heart with all the love you gave me and then I’m going to keep on missing you until that day we meet again. Because I know that we will.

For those of you who maybe noticed the picture with a bird, I have to tell you about this day. Exactly 2 months after Rambo passed away, that morning when my mum was on her way to me, she saw this little bird right outside my gate, just standing there. She thought that the bird was hurt and when she stepped towards the bird, the bird didnt move. My mum lifted up the bird and brought it to my apartment. She held the bird in her hands and the bird didn’t do anything. Imagine that this is a small bird who normally would be so scared. I touched it, I gave it some water and tried with oats, I even opened up the balcony so that the bird could fly away, but it didn’t react to anything. Then after about 15 minutes, the bird just flew away like nothing. It was like a sign that touched both of us right in the heart. I am not a person who believes in life after death, I’m not religious and I don’t even know If I believe in god. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. But this situation really touched me and in all of this sorrow, I saw a light and after this situation, I’m sure that I will see him again <3 Sleep tight my little angel, until we meet again.


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